Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Paper Complete

Wahoo!!! My paper is finally done. After a bajillion drafts and some critiqueing by my proffessor (which I didn't like at the time, but helped me to write a good paper) I am FINALLY DONE. I don't think I've ever spent that much time on a paper. EVER. And it was only suppossed to be 8 pages long. Mine finally ended at the bottom of the 10th page. And I was trying really hard not to be redundant, etc, etc. Not even my Plant Physiology paper took as long. And that paper was painfully written sentence by sentence using quotes drom scientific papers. But then- grammer didn't matter so much, because it was a science class, and lets face it- there aren't a lot of scientists who write well.

Rachel is coming today!! I have to leave in a little while to go pick her up from the airport. I printed myself a map and directions from the airport website, but I don't know- they mentioned freeways that don't have numbers. This could be difficult. Fortunately, my class was moved 3 1/2 hours earlier, so now I have plently of time. I hope. Luckily it stopped raining, so at least I won't have to do it in the rain.

I had to get everything ready for Rachel's arrival, so I got up early this morning and cleaned my room, and took out the trash. I also went to the gas station and vacuumed out Sven. He's nice and clean now. The annoying people at the car dealership SAID they would clean him before they gave him to me- but he was filthy when I got him. I have spent many hours (ok- maybe not hours) cleaning him. Now he looks a lot nicer. I also got him a steering wheel cover, and wrapped fabric around it. This means it looks a lot nicer. And it doesn't get as cold. And I have a lower chance of getting carpal tunnel. :)

Question of the day: Do you know the one (pure) Welsh word that has survived into the modern English languge? (If you didn't know Welsh is the distant ancestor of English. Before the Anglo-Saxons came. And the normans. And the norse. And the Romans. Maybe not the Romans- the two languages might have been the same back then.)

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