Thursday, December 01, 2005


If you didn't know Sven is my car.

Sven is in the car hospital because he failed his emissions test. Poor Sven, he has to stay until Friday at least. I am worried about him. Will they fix him? Will the mechanics make fun of him? Poor Sven has to be all alone. And now I have to rent this little Toyota, which I don't like at all and I MISS SVEN!! (pouting)

Sven's full name is Sven von Fjord (snicker snicker). Sven is a Ford Taurus. I have a little Vicking bobble-head on the dashboard, because that is what Sven would look like if he were a person (hee hee). Bobble-head Sven makes me giggle when I am driving, because his head bounces all the time.

I covered Sven's steering wheel in this lovely green furry fabric that looks vickingesque to me. Rachel says it looks like 60's shag carpet. I also covered the arm rest in the middle with the green fabric, because it was kind of worn out. And I am considering makeing Bobble-head Sven a cape out of the fabric. Rachel thought it would be a good idea.

Sven reminds me of Vimes. Sven takes care of me- and scares off all the other crazy drivers because he is a big, scary Viking. ARG!! But Sven is sick. And I am sad, and worried about him.

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