Friday, May 23, 2014

Upper West Side Living

So I moved to the upper west side.  For those who aren't up to date on where exactly that is-- it is a neighborhood in Manhattan, on the west side of central park.  I live about 1 block away from central park.

The air is clean here.  It smells sweet, and fresh, and like springtime.  This is probably because I am right by central park.  Plus, there are trees everywhere, and the upper west side is on top of the hill on the island of Manhattan, so lots of fresh breezes.

My apartment is clean, and smells fresh too.  My allergies are finally dying down.  Which is amazing.  

I love my neighborhood.  There are lots of people-- family type people-- not scary "I might be in a gang" type people.  

There is a crepe stand downstairs.  I've already gone twice.  It is amazing.  Yummy, fresh made crepes, crispy and delicious.  I think I might get fat.  Last time I went I had a nutella crepe with strawberries.  Yes, that is as delicious as it sounds.  Yummy warm nutella oozing everywhere.  

My room is bigger, and I have room for all my things.  Its easier to keep clean now that I have more space.  Also, my room is nice and cool--lots of light, but the direct sunlight is in the morning, so its not so hot in the afternoon.

I still need to find a good grocery store.  There is a small one about half a block away (15 sec walk), but it doesn't sell some stuff-- like meat.  Couldn't find it anywhere in the store.  Maybe it is a vegetarian grocery store?


Michelle Collett said...

That sounds like a lovely place to live! So close to Central Park! :) What is your commute like? Walk, bus, subway? I am glad your room has a lot of natural light. Natural light makes such a difference in my happiness levels. Good luck finding a real grocery store. I hear that can be hard in big cities.

Amy Rose said...

That sounds so nice! I want to come visit you. If only... will you stay there long enough that maybe someday I could?! :)