Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things that make me angry, especially on Facebook

There are a lot of things on facebook that make me angry.  You don't need to read this.  I just wanted to say all the things that I want to say on facebook everytime I see one of these things.  

1. Homeschooling articles:  education is important.  In addition, children need to be properly socialized to enter into society and be productive.  I am constantly annoyed by homeschooling articles that several of my friends on facebook post.  Like the one I read today-- about how homeschooling should be about fun, not about meeting some sort of educational standard.  Yes, lets take our children out of schools, and play with them at home while ignoring educational standards, so they learn that if they are having a bad day, they can just slack off, and don't have to face reality.  Yes, that sounds like an excellent way to raise a generation of productive adults.

2. Vaccines: if I have to read one more article posted by someone about how vaccines are going to give my future children autism I am going to shoot someone.  Posting these articles is socially irresponsible.  I shouldn't have to explain why.  Yes, lets have disease outbreaks worse than 3rd world countries because a bunch of parents are afraid of vaccines.  

3. People whining about being a parent:  STOP WHINING ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN.  If you can't handle being a parent, don't have children.  If you realize too late that you made the choice to have children when you can't handle it, keep it to yourself.  It isn't funny or amusing to get on facebook every 2 days and whine about the greatest gift God has ever given you.  It is repulsive, and frankly, I just think to myself what a horrible parent you are.  Also, I am super, insanely jealous that you have children, and you are failing to see how they are a blessing.  And now I want to scream.

4. Obamacare: people who whine about it.  People who blame all health industry problems on it.  People who have obviously not read the act who make statements about it.  People who complain about having to pay a little more for health insurance, who completely miss the fact that their low cost health insurance was at the cost of individuals who couldn't get health insurance-- and were forced to pay out of pocket for everything.  Do you know how expensive it is to pay out of pocket for everything?  Its expensive.  Its not $50 expensive.  Its hundreds of dollars expensive for one little visit because you are so sick with a sinus infection you can't stand.  And thousands of dollars just to see a specialist to try to deal with your chronic sinus infections.  So suck it up people.  You made the decision to have 7 children.  So boo hoo for you, now health insurance is more expensive.  If you couldn't afford 7 children maybe you shouldn't have had 7 children.  IT ISN'T OK TO BLAME YOUR LACK OF FINANCIAL FORETHOUGHT ON OBAMACARE.  What if you had suddenly lost your health insurance.  How were you going to pay for your 7 children out of pocket?  Before you take to Facebook to whine about Obamacare, maybe you should do some real research.  And reading an article on Fox News does not count.  

5.  People who whine about their first world problems.  "Worst day ever, my Bentley is in the shop for an oil change.  Now I have to wait to go to the mall."  I hate you.

6. People who have fights with significant others on facebook.  Everyone is uncomfortable.  Also passive aggressive tagging loved ones in articles obviously meant to "improve them."  Cringe.

7. Potty training.  Please, just no.  No one wants to know the details of your child's potty training. I know this is something that is monumental for you, because you see the end of an era that is smelly and difficult.  But this is something you should keep to yourself.  Its like sex.  Everyone is aware you had it to produce your children, but you don't need to post the details on facebook.  

8. Dirty jokes.  Racist things. If you would blush saying it in public, or you would be selective about who you say it to, why are you putting it on facebook.  Even if you write on someone's wall, you know facebook is going to put that on everyone's newsfeed.  Stop putting offensive stuff on facebook.  Also, I had a cousin, a dentist post something that seriously looked like a person's head cut in half-- from a cadaver or something.  NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT.

9.  Children having children.  Just because you are married does not mean you are responsible enough to care for a child.  This leads to rant #3, above.  Babies are not toys or accessories. They are people.  And you should be able to care for them before you have them.

10.  People who use religion as an excuse to be rude or mean to other people.  It isn't ok.  It isn't Christ-like.  Grow up, and accept that this isn't something that your religion is making you do.  You are doing it because you are rude and mean, and maybe you should fix that.   


Amy Rose said...

Hey, can I share this post on Facebook? Just kidding... But you do have me wondering if I've ever been guilty of any of these, if I have I apologize. Sorry! I think it is good for everyone to take a moment and think about what they are posting, and why before they do.

The Plant Princess said...

Don't worry Amy, I don't think you've ever done any of these things Especially not number 3. :)

Michelle Collett said...

I have definitely talked about potty training on my blog, but that is different than Facebook, because it doesn't put it on your newsfeed. You have to choose to go to my blog, and see what you see. :)

I am really impressed that you wrote about them here instead of responding to them on Facebook. It shows maturity, and it allows you to avoid #6—having fights on Facebook. :)

Your comment about how health insurance costs going up, while it may pinch the individual's finances a little, is actually better for a society as a whole was interesting. I hadn't thought about it that way. Our insurance hasn't changed significantly, so I haven't thought about Obamacare a whole lot, except for how Michigan is botching the role out of their own problem and making it hard for my brother to get what he needs for his diabetes, but that's a Michigan problem.

Anyway, I like reading your blog. :)

Janet Q said...

I agree with everything. If only people would stop with those things and have sense!