Thursday, April 19, 2012

A catalog of Bugs sighted in house

Here is a list of the bugs sighted in Mindee's house since I moved in:

Lady Bugs: (many) the lady bugs love my bathroom.  There is a window in my shower, and the lady bugs frequently find the window (presumably in an effort to get outside), and then hang out in my shower until they die.  When I first moved in, this used to creep me out a lot.  Now, I just wash the bugs down the drain.  Its amazing what can become normal.

Stink Bugs: (4) the stink bugs don't do much.  They move very slowly, and thankfully the children and cats have not squashed any yet.  

Ants: (many) these ant are huge.  They might be carpenter ants.  They crawl around all over the house, not just in the kitchen or where we eat.  

Huge Spider: I found a huge (thankfully dead) spider yesterday in the children's playroom.  It was dead, and curled up with its legs tucked under the body, and it was still bigger than a dime.  Ick.  I threw it away in the kitchen garbage can.  Later, I threw something else away, and saw the spider and screamed.  Silly Jeanie.

Tick: there are ticks living in the woods around the house.  Sometimes they travel inside on people or cats.  The only one I have actually seen was the one attached to my leg.  I had to get Mindee to get it off me, because it was on the back of my knee.  So creepy.  Also, the ticks in the area have lyme disease so there is a chance I have that.  Great. 

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