Friday, November 05, 2010

A little bit sassy

So, I went to the store today to buy shampoo, and I got sidetracked at the nail polish aisle (as I often do).  I found these awesome nail polish pens, which are for drawing designs on your nails.  

I got Sally Hansen's "Gilty Pleasure" as a base coat-- its a pale gold color, that would look awesome by itself.  (It looks waaay better on the nail than it did in the bottle).  Then, I used gold and black pens to draw a leopard print design on my nails.  My only frustration was that the gold is almost the same color as my base coat when it was wet, so it was slightly frustrating trying to see where I had drawn already.  If I could have found a brown pen, it would have made things easier.  

I think my nails look awesome.  A little bit sassy and a lot bit fun.  


amyrose said...

They do look cool! I've never heard of a nail pen!!

Kelsey said...

I like that you are a lawyer with nails like this. Totally awesome.