Monday, October 25, 2010

Peppermint tea

So, I've been sick with the most awful sinus infection the past couple weeks.  Not only is my head all stuffy, but my tummy hurts too.  Ick.  Anyway, last week, my boss was giving a long lecture about taking care of myself (about 10 minutes before we walked over to Walgreen's, to pick me up some medicine; my boss writes off the cost of keeping me healthy on his taxes).  He told me several times that I needed to drink some tea, and it would make me feel better.  After I explained (as I have done repeatedly in the past) that I don't drink tea, he suggested herbal tea.

Now, I usually hate herbal tea.  Most of the flavors taste like flowers (weird), or are just kind of gross.  I've tried peppermint tea in the past, and I never liked it.  

But I decided to try some peppermint tea, just in case he was right.  This time, I let my tea bag soak for a very long time (mostly because I was incredibly reluctant to drink it).  Surprisingly, it didn't taste that bad.  The real surprise was how awesome it made me feel.

Have you ever used Carmex, and felt the cool tingle of the medicine numb your poor chapped lips?  That is the way the peppermint tea felt as I drank it.  Lukewarm is the best temperature to get this effect; too hot or too cold and it just isn't the same.  The tea numbed my poor sore mouth and throat, and then I felt a cooling sensation as it ran down into my tummy.  Then, my tummy started to feel better too.  

Plus, peppermint tea isn't nearly as fattening as what I usually eat when my throat is sore: ice cream.  

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amyrose said...

I love peppermint tea! But... I like to put so much sugar in mine that it is probably not actually much better than an ice cream!!