Thursday, June 03, 2010

Discrimination for being attractive

Today, I was reading on (awesome website), and I saw an article on a woman who was fired from her job at Citi for being too hot.*  The woman is really attractive: she pretty much looks like a Barbie doll.  However, that doesn't give Citi carte blanche to treat her badly, and then fire her for being too hot.

I have found, that in the professional world, especially the legal world, it can be difficult being an attractive woman.  People tend to assume you just got hired because you are hot.  My boss, Charles, calls me his secret weapon, because the opposing counsels always underestimate me, but then I blow them out of the water with my awesome legal skills.  hee hee.  

I have seen a lot of older women lawyers that cope with the problem by not dressing attractively.  They wear clothes that don't fit quite right, or look like men's clothes.  However, encouragingly, I have also seen a lot of younger women attorneys that refuse to give in to the pressure to dress like a man.  They were cute suits, that are cut flatteringly.  They wear jewelery, and even feminine colors.  

*  A longer article by Village Voice is available here:

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Peter M Lambert said...

The old saying goes "you can't judge a book by the cover", I think that applies here. Just because you exude the image "ditzy blonde" does not mean you are less intelligent than others. Even ugly people can be stupid, you know. Anyway, I have always thought you are highly intelligent, even if you do struggle to realize that a pair of jeans should never cost more than a certain amount. :)