Friday, May 21, 2010


I like knowing what is going to happen. I hate not knowing. I hate having to wait, to wonder about the future. I like creating ordered lists, and then working through those lists to get to my goal.

I do not like not knowing what is going to happen. I do not like hoping that someday I will have what I want. Waiting would be easier if I knew that on such and such a date, X would happen, and then so many years later, Y would happen.

But that isn't how my life is. How am I supposed to make a plan for my life, when I have no idea what is happening? How am I supposed to plan for the future?

I can't. And that frustrates me.

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amyrose said...

Ah, Jeanie, I struggle with the same thing. So many times (well, each time we've moved) it's been like that: where are we moving? when? why? And I don't know until my husband knows and he never seems as eager to get the details as I am, and I think, HOW am I supposed to get my life in order if I don't know when, where, why?

But I try to reassure myself that Heavenly Father knows it all, and he's got it under control. If I trust in Him, we'll make it.

Love you, Jeanie!