Saturday, November 14, 2009


Stupid cold. I've had the same cold for a couple weeks, and its getting worse. My throat hurts, and my lungs hurt sometimes. Went to the doctor, and she said it was just a cold. She gave me an antibiotic, in case I had a secondary infection. I took 4 advil, and everything still hurts.

Stupid job. Dosen't pay enough money. Not enough work to do, so I never get enough hours, and I feel useless sometimes. Wish I could have a better job.

Stupid printer. I finally got my printer to talk to my computer; I had to buy a new cord. And then my ink cartridge ran out. And a new one cost $40 dollars.

Stupid room. Too cold. Too messy.

Stupid bed. Wish I had a real bed. Wish my bed was soft and comfy, like a real bed. Not just a ghetto matress on the floor.

Stupid money. Wish I had more of it. Wish I didn't have to feel guilty when I go grocery shopping, because I spend so much all at once.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Crying again.

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