Friday, October 09, 2009


Earlier this week, Universal Studios shot a film on my street. Word on the street was that the film is the 3rd installment of the Meet the Parents series, or Little Fockers. My roomies saw Robert Dinero, and I caught a glimpse of Ben Stiller as he was leaving for the day.

These pictures were all taken from my living room.

The production crew milling about:
Then they fixed up our front yard:
They planted some bushes next door:
Filming the movie:
My Ben Stiller shots. Ben Stiller is in the puffy black jacket ...
The next day, they came back to do some establishing shots:


amyrose said...

that's so exciting!

Rachel said...

That is SOOOOO awesome. But not surprising. Your street is very picturesque, and not very busy, both of which lend themselves to being filmed.

Did they upright your planter?