Sunday, July 12, 2009

Learning to be a lawyer

In lawschool you don't learn to be a lawyer; in lawschool you learn the law.

Now that I am working for several lawyers, I am learning to be a lawyer. One of my bosses, Steve, is especially enthusiastic about mentoring me to be a lawyer. He likes to explain how the legal profession works to me. He gives me projects to do, so that I can learn how to do things, when it would be much easier and much faster to do the projects himself. He even apologizes if he gives me a particularily odious task to do.


Kelsey said...

Jeanie, I love reading your blog, I wish you would write more often! Just wanted to let you know I am blog stalking you :)

amydaisyrose said...

He sounds like a great mentor. I also hope you don't mind if I am blog stalking you.