Monday, January 26, 2009

Weight Watchers

So, I signed up for Weight Watchers again. Studying for the bar is totally stressing me out, and I keep eating really fattening food.

On the plus side, Weight Watchers has a new plan!! It combines the points plan with the core plan. Certain foods are marked as "filling" and if you eat these, you are supposed to stay full longer.

The main reason I like Weight Watchers, is because you can find out which foods are fattening, and which ones you don't have to worry about. I WAS going to go to Starbucks for brekkie, but after calculating how many points I would have used (19), I opted to make breakfast, and only used 8 points. (I get 22 points a day.) Plus, my home made brekkie of an omelet, apple and rice pudding was much more filling that a scone and carmel apple spice.

Hopefully my early intervention will keep my from getting too fat. AND once I take the bar, I'll have more time, so maybe I'll start taking a pilates class...

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