Friday, February 01, 2008


It has been very cold this past week. It started out warm enough-- rain, and about 40 degrees. Then it got cold. Frigid, kill you if you stand still cold. Yesterday I went for a walk-- I kept moving the whole time, and I dressed warmly, but by the end, my legs were going numb from the cold. Erlack a pongos!

Luckily, my friends drove me to school and back a couple times, so I didn't freeze quite so much. Jonas drove me home in his cute little yellow Aveo. I can call it cute, because Jonas freely admits that people think it's a girls car.

I'm up in the air about whether I like the cold or not. On one hand, the cold makes being outside kind of miserable. On the other hand, less people are outside when it is this cold, and that means when I go on my late night walks the chance of rape goes way down. Which is nice. Lower chances of being raped are always nice. Because we all know that my not going on walks isn't really an option.

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