Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Modern Society's hypocrisy regarding dating

I hate the hypocrisy modern society has in regards to dating. I hate that is perfectly acceptable for a boy to take him time in deciding who to date, but everyone always assumes a girl should be dating someone, or at the very least like someone, AT ALL TIMES.

I reject the premise that I am not a whole person if I am not in a relationship. I reject the idea that if I speak to a boy it means I like him. I am perfectly capable of having platonic friendships with men. I wish everyone would stop assuming otherwise.

I know people are showing they care when they offer to set me up on blind dates, but on some level I still find it insulting that they assume that I should be with someone. I also find it insulting when people don't understand why I turn boys down. This is my life, I am going to decide what happens, and that includes deciding if I want to spend time with someone.

I am not some whore available for the asking.

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