Monday, November 26, 2007

Small ones

Yeah! I got to see some of my small ones on Thursday. I love all my small ones bunches and bunches. (Small one is what I call my favorite people.)

Michael was being grumpy, and I totally tackled him. I almost knocked him over. Go me. Michael is vair, vair big, and hard to knock over, so it was quite an accomplishment.

Enoch was being tres anti-social, and hanging out in the basement, looking at something online and reading his D&D book at the same time. He is a huge nerd.

Later, I was down in the basement with my brothers, and they were playing scorched earth. Man, I used to love that game so much. Especially the napalm. For some reason, I loved napalm--maybe because it was great if you weren't too hot at aiming. (hee hee, hot at aiming, napalm ... )

Hopefully I'll get to see my Kristi small one soon. She is in Virginia with her husband, and I'm planning on visiting her over Spring break. Yeah!

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