Friday, December 15, 2006

Birds in the wilderness

Here we sit like birds in the wilderness, birds in the wilderness, birds in the wildernes . . .

Right now I am sitting on the second floor of the MSU law library. In front of me is a giant, panoramic window overlooking Shaw road. MSU is situated in the middle of Shaw road, and I can see right down the road to Hagadorn. Hagadorn is the road that the living center is on. I feel like a bird, sitting up here watching all the cars go by. (Hence the song.)

I am SUPPOSED to be studying for finals. I did that for a couple hours. Then I took a long break, and I haven't quite worked myself up to getting back in there and studying some more.

Studying drains all my energy away.

The people at the table next to me are talking to each other. Well really-- the guy keeps on talking to the girl. Either that, or she is much better at whispering than he is.

I hate studying, I hate studying. Yes I do, yes I do. La la la la la la la la.

I'll admit, my little song I made up is a lot more interesting when you can hear it. Especially the la's.

I need to get myself a black skirt. I do not have one, and recently I have realized how very limited this makes my closet. The problem is I can never seem to find a cute black skirt. I have got to the point that I am willing to spend good money--but I never find one I would be willing to try on. SIGH. Life is hard.

You should all come to Kristi's wedding--so you can see my pretty black dress Rachel is going to make for me. I am so excited!!

Man my brain is shot.

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