Saturday, November 25, 2006


Thanksgiving was a success.

I drove home to Detroit on Tuesday--I had the entire week off of school. I spent the day cleaning the house and grocery shopping. I also tried to find some decorations, but I was unsucessful.

On Wednesday, I spent the day doing more shopping (we were looking for an extra fold up table, because there were so many people expected, as well as decorations). Me and my grandmother, Granny, made table decoration, and placecards. It was lots of fun. In the evening, I made three pies (milk-free pumpkin, banana creme, and chocolate mouse). It took several hours, so I didn't get to bed until after 11. And my feet were killing me. It felt like the bones in my feet were seperating from the muscles and falling down to the bottom of my feet. I was also falling asleep while stirring the creme for the BC pie. That wasn't very safe (we have a gas stove) but I came out of it unscathed.

On Thursday, I got up about 8. My mom made cinnimon rolls for breakfast. Rachel spent a good deal of time talking to me in our room (while I was trying to sleep) about her boy. When I got up I was kind of cranky-- because I hadn't gotten enough sleep, and my feet were still killing me. Then I took a nice, warm bath. It was very relaxing. When I got done, Peter and Cora had arrived with Kamina. David and Sally arrived with Tlazoh and Raquel about half an hour later. About 11, I started making dinner (we were supposed to eat at 2). I made stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, and gravy. My mom made the Turkey and squash. Enoch (my little brother) made the butter dips. Sadly, they did not turn out well. He put in an extra cup of flour, and they were REALLY thick and heavy. That's ok, Enoch, we still love you. We almost forgot to make the mashed potatoes--but we remembered about 1, and my mom used the pressure cooker to get them done quickly.

After dinner, I went and took a nap for a couple hours. Then we had pie. It was very yummy.

Yum, yum. I love having Thanksgiving dinner at home.

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