Friday, November 03, 2006


On the whole, I've been happy lately. Sometimes when I wake up, I actually smile, and say "it's a wonderful day!" to myself.

Maybe its the trees. I am ringed by trees here. The Living Center property is on the local river, and between my window and the river is about fifty feet of trees. Trees, trees, glorious trees. MSU campus also has lots of pretty trees. And beautiful green grass. Its SO pretty.

My favorite tree is the Ginko. Ginko bilobia, to be technical. It is so pretty-- and it is in the same kind of tree as a pine tree, but it has flat leaves, instead of needles. It is the only tree like it that is still extant. I found a full grown ginko on MSU campus-- they also have lots of little ginkos. The big ginko is in the middle of the botany garden. It is a fun place. They have rows of plants (a sort of living encyclopedia) in semi-circles around a green lawn, and also around a little pond. It is a happy place.

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