Friday, November 17, 2006

Alone on Friday Night

No matter what happens, I always seem to end up alone on Friday nights.

When I lived in Utah--I would be alone on Friday night. Sometimes, my roommates would be home, and we would hang out. That was fun. But usually all my roommates would have dates or be hanging out with their friends--and I would be at home, alone. I watched a lot of TV.

When I lived in Connecticutt--I would be alone on Friday night. I don't think I ever hung out with my roommate on Friday night. Of course, I didn't hang out much with my roommate much. There was that one Saturday afternoon--but that was it. Of course, in Connectictt, it wasn't so much that I was alone on Friday night--it was more that I was always alone, and that Friday nights were no exception to this. Hence, the overwhelming depression. I learned to go to movies and the mall by myself. They aren't as much fun alone.

Now I live in East Lansing-- and I am still alone on Friday night. Sometimes I go home--and then I see people. Sometimes Rachel comes to visit me. But when that doesn't happen I am alone. There was that one time I went out on a date--but that hasn't happened again.

So now it is Friday night--and I am all alone. Some people really like Fridays. I don't. In fact I don't really like weekends. I always end up spending lots of time alone--whereas during the week at least I get to see people during class. And Peter has more time to hang out with me.

I suppose if I was less pathetic, and made more friends, I wouldn't be alone on Friday night. Though, when I lived in Utah and had friends, I was still usually alone on Friday night.

hmmm . . .

I guess I am just pathetic.

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