Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

So I went to go see MI:3 yesterday. I didn't particularily want to- but I was mind numb from studying, and I'd seen all the other good movies. So I bit the bullet and saw MI:3. (I didn't want to see the movie for 2 reasons: 1. I'm a little ticked at Tom Cruise because he joined a cult, and made Katie Holmes join it too. Maybe they'll come to their senses and realize its a cult- and leave. 2. I saw the first 2 MI movies- and neither made much sense. People ran around, and I wasn't quite sure what was going on.) Anyway, so I went to go see the movie- and it was great. No plot problems- yes there were delicious twists- but unlike the other two movies, these were understandable. When something went wrong I wasn't left there going- wait rewind- WHAT JUST HAPPENED? This is probably because there was less talking explanation of what was going on- and more acting it out. You didn't have to vainly try to remember everyone's name, so when Ethan talks on the phone to someone, you can figure out whether they're a bad guy or not. Instead all the important bits were acted out. So much nicer.

Another great part about the movie was that the supporting characters were just supporting- they didn't try to explain everyone's back story. Sure- they made references to back stories, but they didn't spend half the movie on supporting people. Plus, one of the suppoerting actors is John Rys Davis- from Bend it like Beckham. Hmm hmm hmm. So cute.

It was also great- because they didn't feel the need to follow Ethan around the entire movie. One of the greatest bits of the movie is when Ethan is in this building, stealing something- and we don't see him do it. Instead we see the people waiting for him, and then suddenly Ethan is on the radio going- "I can't make it to the roof" and then he jumps out a window in the middle of the building. It was great, because it was unexpected. Plus they never go into the boring bit where they spend 10 minutes discussing what the plan is going to be. Instead they just do it. SO much more interesting.

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