Sunday, April 30, 2006

School is winding up

So yesterday, I decided to finally bite the bullet and do my internship work. At the beginning of the semester, they told us it was about 20 hours, and that we could do it whenever during the semester, as long as we got it done by the beginning of may. Bad for me- I never remembered to do it. So yesterday, I decided I would bite the bullet and spend all Saturday working on it. I figured if I put a good 8 hours in it, I would get at least most of it done. So I woke up about 6:40. (When I checked the clock in the bathroom, it said 6:39- but its a little slow. You might ask yourself why I remember this. I remember because I woke up before 7, and that is just SOOO early. It made an impression.)

Anyway- where was I- oh yes, so I got up about 6:40, and I took my shower, had some breakfast and threw on a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans and flip flops. I did put on make-up, but not much since I figured I wouldn't see anyone all day. I'm serious about that- my favorite computer lab at Pace has about 7 computers in it, and it is rarely used if the other computer lab isn't full. It is small, dingy, and kind of dirty- which might be the reason most people avoid it- but it has the great benifit of having a computer that is turned so your back isn't to the door (you actually face it) and I'm paranoid enough that I feel WAY safer if my back isn't exosed.

Seriously, though, if armed paratroopers invaded the building, wouldn't you want to see them, so that you can hide, and they don't blow your head off? Ok- so you probably don't think like that. BUT YOU SHOULD. Armed paratoopers could be invading your school, and taking people out, and if your back is to the door, you'll be one of the dead students, instead of the ones looking all shaken on the evening news. Call me crazy, but I'd rather be shaken (even if it means looking bad in front of thousands of people) than dead.

Anyway back to my story- I got to school about 8- which is when I thought the library opened. See- I had to use a computer on campus to do the work. However, when I got to the library, I found out that the library doesn't open until 9 on Saturdays. I was a little ticked. I mean, I pay $32,000 a year for the lazy librarians to sleep in ?!? At BYU ($1,600 a year) the library opens around 6:30. Hello- so much better. Just another area in which BYU is better than Pace.

(In case you're wondering some of the other areas are: 1. Cleanliness. Ewww. 2. Landscaping. Bad lawns. Not nearly enough flowers. It can get pretty depressing. Though the stone wall is pretty cool. 3. Architecture. While Pace does have an old nunnery, as one of the main buildings- most of the rest of the buildings pretty much suck, architecturally. Oh well, some of BYU's buildings sucked too. Like the horrible Knight building. And the Widtsoe building. There was moss growing in the pipes!! and permenant dust because the janitors never cleaned any of the classrooms.)

Anyway- so I couldn't get in the library, and I was like WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? I didn't have anything to do for an hour- and then I realized there were some computers in the common room, in the old nunnery. So I went there, and worked on my stuff. I was really nice, I had this huge sun-filled room all to myself, and I only saw one person the entire time. And I got all the work done in 2 hours. 2 HOURS!! they said it would be 20- but I did everything they wanted me too, and it only took me 2 hours. So either I'm way more efficient than everyone else, or the people in charge WAY overestimated the amount of work we'd have to do. Hmmmm. I don't think its the first one- because when I took my aptitude test in 7th grade I scored bad at speed and acurracy. Oh well.

So after I was done, I rewarded myself by going shopping. I was having a grand time, until I got to Anthropologie, and tried on this stunning dress. I was having a hard time getting it to zip up, and then trauma, of all traumas, when I got the zipper all the way up, it broke. (As in split open.) I swear it wasn't me- the zipper was really cheap or something. I was horrified. And then- the zipper wouldn't go down! It was awful. I tugged on that zipper for what seemed like 5 minutes, before I realized it wasn't going to budge. Luckily my butt is small, so I managed to squeeze out of the dress. It was touch and go there for a while. After I got out of the dress, I tried fixing the zipper, but there was something seriously wrong with it. Even after I finally got it to go all the way down, it wouldn't zip properly. This was strange, cause I break zippers all the time, and they always fix themselves. This is why I figured the zipper was cheap. So I decided it wasn't worth my time, or money, and I hung it up and left. I probably would have bought the dress if the zipper hadn't been cheap. Stupid zipper. It is such I cute dress. I have been wanting it for a long time. Sigh. And I found the cutest sweaters to go along with it- and I never got to try them on- because of the stupid zipper. If Rachel had been there, things would have gone SOOO much better.

So I saw Jacob the Liar this weekend. It is a WWII movie about Jews living in a ghetto, and their problems. It has Robin Williams in it- who plays Jacob. The people in the ghetto think he has a radio,and he lies about getting news, so the people cheer up, and think the war is almost over. It was WAY GOOD. It made me cry. It made me laugh. It had stunning cinematography. And it had Liev Schreiber in it- who is pretty hot, if I do say so myself. Good actor, too. And the end was AWESOME. Sad, but awesome.

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