Saturday, April 15, 2006

The end is in sight

Yeah!! I am nearing the end of my humongously long appellate brief. I hope it is ok. We don't have the opportunity to turn it in and have our teacher look at it before we turn it in for real. Though we did get to turn parts of it in. Oh- I hope I get a good grade. I NEED a good grade, because I don't want to take this class over if I get into MSU. And I really want to get into MSU because I hate it here.

This brief has practically taken over my life. For the last month I have been uber-tense because of it. I have started avoiding other people and situtations where I have to sit for more than a couple hours, because I get antsy, and want to go work on my brief. At night I dream about it, and when I sit still, maybe on the lawn to look at the stars, I start thinking about it. And running through things in my head.

But it will be all over soon. On monday, I get to turn it in. YEAH!! Of course, next saturday, I have my appellate arguement, where I have to get up and argue my brief infront of people. I don't know how well that will go. When I went to talk to my teacher, and she asked me to argue my point, my mind blanked.

Everyone should go see "Take the Lead"!! It was really, really good. I went to see it because I was sick of writing my brief, and it was the only movie playing that I wanted to see. "The Wild" was playing too- but the lobby was full of three year olds, and I figured that was where they were going.

I won't ruin anything by telling you the plot summary- just that I loved it. And I don't usually like dancing movies that much. I though "Strictly Ballroom" was ok, "Dirty Dancing"- what's the big deal, "Save the last dance" was better because it was ballet- I really like ballet. I also recently discovered that sports movies really aren't my thing. Whats with all the boring plays and the OH NO who's going to win? When everyone knows that in the end the underdogs are going to win. Maybe this is how men feel about chick flicks- you know the people are going to end up together in the end- so why bother watching. Hmmmmmmmm . . .

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