Thursday, April 20, 2006


So my appellate brief got handed in- and it was SOOO pretty- but now I am worried about my appellate arguement, which is in two days.


Sorry, freaked out a bit. I don't like speaking in public, especially since we are graded on how we do. SIGH.

I won't be any use to anyone until this is ALL OVER.

On the bright side, Cora's blood pressure is ok now, so we don't have to worry about her dying anymore while giving birth. Well, unless she gets pre-eclampsia and dies. I don't really know what pre-eclampsia is- but I saw an ER episode, where the mom got pre-eclampsia and died, and ever since then it has worried me a bunch. I probably worry too much.

On another bright side, the two main characters on my favorite show (Bones) have started admiting they like each other. I like Bones because the main character (Temperance Brennan, aka Bones) remindes me of me. She is smart, and takes everything literally. Most of the time it seems like she doesn't have a sense of humor, because she takes things literally, but she laughs at smart jokes. And the other main character is Seeley Booth- an FBI agent who has to be the most perfect guy ever. He is tall, and strong, and intelligent and protects Bones. One time, Bones had been threatened and Booth was following her around, protecting her until they found the dude who tried to kill Bones, and Booth got his arm broken and he was in the hospital in a lot of pain, and then he realized that Bones was with the killer, and then he left the hospital, though he was still in pain, and he went and saved Bones, and IT WAS SO CUTE!!!! And Booth is a daddy, and he loves his little boy, and he is religious, and he is like the most upstanding guy ever- and I wish I could find someone like him. Plus, he's played by David Borealis- and we all know he's freakin hot.

Bones and Booth

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