Thursday, March 02, 2006

Norwalk Harbor

Last semester, I went on an afternoon excursion to see Norwalk Harbor. I just got the pictures back, so I thought I'd post the best ones. Norwalk Harbor is on the Long Island Sound. You can see Long Isalnd on clear days, though none of my pictures have long island in them. I really liked the harbor, because it had reeds, which reminded me of the salt marshes I learned about when I did my history of the United State's wetlands. The pilgrims liked the salt marshes, and used them to harvest hay and graze animals. When I see a salt marsh, I think of the long ago days. They are also very beautiful.

The pictures were taken when I was standing on a rocky berm extending out into the harbor. After I took the pictures, I went bouldering down to the end of the berm. I was very excited about how strong I getting, because I have to carry heavy law books all the time. I was able to jump with ease, and not worry about falling, because my legs were much stronger than they used to be.

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