Friday, January 20, 2006


So I'm back to my ho-hum life at law school. It is so very lonely here. It is probably not a good sign that I am already depressed in the first week of law school. On a bright-ish note, I am not nearly as depressed as I was at the end of last semester.

Classes have strted off with a resounding crash. This is due to my constitutional law class. Ok- so constitutional law is hard to begin with, and then I end up having a teacher who refuses to explain anything until every single member of the class has tried to answer the question and ended up looking VERY, VERY stupid. Then he sort of half explains, and whisks on to the next topic. I am exaggerrating slightly-- but only because if he made everone in the class look stupid, we'd still be on the first case. He makes me nervous, and every time I try to answer a question I feel like he thinks I am very, very clueless.

I don't think very many of my friends read my blog. This is slightly depressing. The only person who reads consistently is Peter. I love Peter. He is so very wonderful. He tries to make me feel less depressed. If any of my other friends read, they didn't bother to respond to my question.

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Dearest Literary... Genius? said...

Dearest does is ever feel as if you are typing into a void? Or perhaps into a brick wall? lol heavens. I do hope you're doing better today than you were two weeks ago. Remember that just because we don't read your blog ever day doesn't mean we don't love you. Good luck in your class, your proff sounds like a royal prick with a degree (the worst kind!)