Saturday, October 29, 2005

Harry Potter

I'm pretty excited for the next Harry Potter Movie. I saw a preview the other day, while I was watching Flightplan, and I was way psyched. this next movie looks like it will be following in the vein of Harry Potter 3. I find this fact very encouraging. Harry Potters 1 and 2 were good kid movies, but as the characters grow up, the movies should develop too, to better reflect the age of the children. I think the books admirably accomplished this- and I'm glad that the movies will do this also.

This picture is a good example of why the third Harry Potter movie was so much better than numbers 1 and 2. The costumes are miles above movies 1 and 2 (where Harray and co. spent all their time in boring school robes- and the hair was never right. Harry is suppossed to have messy hair, and in movies 1 and 2, Harry's hair was not messy- it was nice and flat- which I suppose is better for splicing retakes together, but was disappointing from the aspect of authenticity.)

The sets are also much better than movies 1 and 2. They caputured teh authentic feel that made The lod of the Rings so popular. In movies 1 and 2, the world felt flat and imaginary, but in movie 3 you were invited to believe that this was true.

Hee, hee, hee. Harry Potter 4 looks like it will be so good. And not just because of Ron's dress robes. Man, the ball is going to be so awesome. It looks like movie 4 will continue in the same vein as movie 3 and have excellent costumes and sets. hmm hmm hmm hmm . . .

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