Monday, October 31, 2005


Yeah my report is finally finished!! Well, at least the first draft. My teacher says most of us will go through a major rewrite for the second draft. Not looking forward to that at all. SIGH. At least we get to do second drafts.

On a happy note- I'm going to be an aunt again!! Peter and Cora are going to have a baby. I think everyone in the family has finally heard the announcement, so I can finally talk about it with all my family. Keeping secrets is hard. I had to stop calling people so I wouldn't tell them.

On the subject of secrets- I have to start buying Christmas presents soon. I love Christmas shopping. I love finding a present for someone, that you just know they'll love. Though its really disapointing when you get it wrong. Like Enoch's Birthday present this year. The little ingrate. I spent months planning and making him a beautiful (sorry, handsome) gift that was unique and reflected his personality. It was a handbound book entitled "Top Secret" where he could keep his secret files- I suggested his plans to take over the world. Did he appreciate it? No! he scoffed and called it a journal. It wasn NOT a journal. A journal is a place where you record your past life, this was a place where Enoch could record future plans. Total difference. And when I talked to him about it, he asked me why I would ever think that he would like that. Boys are so difficuly. Especially teenage boys.

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