Saturday, April 05, 2014

Happy for Now

On January 29, I started dating someone-- met him on OKCupid, an online dating site.  (Which is great because it is free.)

He asked me out for that night, to meet at a coffee shop after work.  After a little foot dragging on my part, I agreed to meet him in my favorite New York City bookstore-- the Union Square Barnes and Noble.  I got there early, and found a book to read until he showed up.  Which helped calm me down, because I always get nervous when I meet new people.

The first time I saw him in person, he smiled so big, it made me so happy.  And then we walked and talked to a coffee shop, and everything made me happy.  From the way he sat between me and the door so that I wouldn't be cold, to how he told me that he loved that I was smart, and shy, and that he really liked me.  

And over the next couple months, I just wanted to stay happy forever, with him.  Because every time I see him, I smile.  And my stressful life of court briefs and money problems gets a lot easier after I spend time with him.  Because we laugh, and act like teenagers.  He skids on the ice, or we giggle at silly jokes.  We wander around, holding hands and walking slow-- even though we are both naturally fast walkers-- because we just like being together.  

But, he has to go away-- back to India.  And I have no idea when, or if he is ever coming back.  So I am trying to be happy for now.  For this last week we have together, so I don't spoil the little time we have left with all the tears I want to cry over him going away.    

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Michelle Collett said...

I'm sorry he's leaving. :(

But yay for being happy now!