Sunday, January 05, 2014

Love-Love Icecream

I have a love-love relationship with ice-cream.  I love eating ice-cream.  And ice-cream makes my tummy feel happy.  So I am pretending it is healthy.  Ok, so I know it has lots of fat and sugar.  But, as I was told in my all time favorite relief-society lesson ever-- fat pads your organs, so you need fat to be healthy.  (Funny story-- this was a lesson in German, when I was doing study abroad in Vienna.  All of us American girls were sitting there, partly zoned out, and then the teacher said this.  We started feverishly whispering to each other, trying to figure out if our translations of the lesson were matching up--because no one really could believe that the teacher had just said "Fat is good.")

Also--very good point-- there is a chemical in milk that helps you lose weight.  So really, eating ice cream is helping me be skinny.  

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Michelle Collett said...

There is a flavor of ice cream here in Brazil called "three chocolates." It is delicious. It is like Neopolitan, but instead of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, it is milk, dark, and white chocolate. Yummo.