Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Star Trek

Yesterday, it was very hot outside.  And I haven't put my ac unit in yet, because its May, and I am from Michigan, and do not expect it to be 80+ degrees. So, I was languishing in my room, dying of heat, and I had the brilliant thought that I could go to the movies to see Star Wars, and that the movie theater would be air conditioned.  

The movie theater was only a few minutes walk from my house-- and the cheapest movie theater I have found in NYC.  Only $11 for regular tickets-- $8 on tuesdays and thursdays.  Yay!  And I was right about the ac.

Star Trek was awesome.  The special effects were great.  The lines were great.  The Uhura Spock relationship was great.  

Since the new Star Trek movies are a new timeline, things can change, and the movie was the new time line version of the Wrath of Khan.  For those who aren't Star Trek literate, in the Wrath of Khan, the crew of the Enterprise runs into a ship full of cryogenically stored super humans.  The super humans, along with advanced intelligence and strength, are also extremely agressive.  They end up doing a bunch of damage, and at the end of the movie, Spock risks his life to save the crew by going into a room full of radiation, and ends of dying.  There is a very poignant moment where Kirk and Spock talk through the glass wall of the room (who knew that glass was radiation proof) as Spock dies.  Kirk asks Spock why he did it, and he says that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."*

In the new Star Trek movie, Spock delivers the line regarding the needs of the many at the beginning of the movie, as he about to be vaporized in a volcano.  Kirk ends up saving his life-- while violating the prime directive, which Spock, of course, complains about.  

At the end of the movie, it is Kirk, not Spock who risks his life in a radiation filled room.  Then, through the glass wall of the room, Kirk and Spock have a conversation as Kirk dies, where they admit that they are friends.  (They fight all the time).  I thought it was very sweet that they kept essentially the same scene, but changed it, because the timeline was different.  

Other moments to love:
1. Spock talking to Old Spock about Khan. Old Spock tells Spock that he swore he would never reveal anything from his timeline.  But then he tells him anyway.
2. Spock and Uhura fighting.  And Spock telling Uhura he cares about her in his round about Vulcan way.
3. Benidict Cummerbund (Sherlock in the BBC version of "Sherlock") as Khan.
4. Scotty running through this football field sized room.  You have to see it to understand. 
5. Spock getting angry.
6. Spock crying. 
7.  Spock's response when the admiral asks him if he is giving him "attitude".
8.  Anytime Spock and Uhura kiss.  

*If you watch Star Trek Enterprise, you learn that this is a famous Vulcan proverb.

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