Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Best Friend-less

I've had three best friends in my life.  But I don't have a best friend now, and I feel very sad.

My first best friend told me that she couldn't be best friends with me anymore when she got married.  She told me that her husband was her best friend.  

After my first best friend decided to demote me, I upgraded my second closest friend to my best friend.  She was already married, so I figured this would last.  We used to talk about how we would be friends forever, and how when we were old, we would be in the same old folks home, making trouble.  But then, I started dating a boy, and she told me that she didn't like him.  She told me that I could either date him, or I could be friends with her.  And that is how I lost my second best friend.

My third best friend was a boy.  I could talk to him about anything, even girly stuff like my cramps and how much I wanted children.  And then, last week, amidst the chaos that Hurricane Sandy left, we got in a fight, and now we aren't even friends anymore, much less best friends.

Now I don't have a best friend.  And I am very, very sad.  How am I ever going to find someone to love me forever when I can't keep a best friend?

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Michelle Collett said...

Don't despair. :) Perhaps it is not your ability to "keep" a best friend that is the problem. Perhaps it just hasn't been the right best friend yet.

And I consider my best friend to be my sister. All of my nonrelated best friends have come and gone.

And you definitely have "kept" Rachel. And granted, she's your twin, but a lot of adult siblings drift apart and don't "keep" each other, so I think it means a lot when you do stay in close contact even when you live far apart.

And I know that Mindee, Amy, and I sure think pretty highly of you, too.