Monday, October 24, 2011

Walking through the Movies

I live right by central park.  Recently, I went on a walk, and I kept seeing places that were used as sets for movies.  I took some photos so I could share.
Castle from Step Mom
Julia Roberts plays a photographer, and does a shoot at the Belvedere Castle. When I saw the movie, I immediately wanted to see this castle, and was excited when I found it on my walk. 
Boat pond from What Dreams May Come
In What Dreams May Come, the couple meets as adults on Lake Como, Italy, while sailing.  Eventually (after a lot of tragic things happen) they die.  Then they are reincarnated, and meet as children, both sailing toy sail boats, at the central park boat pond. 
Boat house from 27 dresses
Katherine Heigl's character meets the reporter (her love interest) at the boat house for lunch.  I thought it was so elegant, and pretty. People can rent row boats, and row around the pond.  Its so romantic. 
Fountain from Enchanted
I'm pretty sure this is the fountain everyone dances around in the song "That's How You Know." (You can see the boat house and a row boat in the background). 

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amyrose said...

Beautiful! It would be so fun to "live" in the movies.