Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tim Gunn

About a week ago, I got an email from Borders telling me that Tim Gunn (co-host on Project Runway) was going to be at my local Borders, signing his newest Book, Gunn's Golden Rules.

I was so excited.  I watched Project Runway every week, and I love Tim.  All day at work, I was bouncing around, and rambling to my boss about a) how excited I was, b) how much I like Tim Gunn, c) my awesome, very stylish outfit I picked out to meet him and d) how awesome it was going to be to MEET TIM GUNN!

My boss let me leave early.  He was like, "Please go. Go, stand in line."
So, I got there around 4:30.  Tim didn't arrive until 7.  

But it was okay.  There were over 500 people there.  I was about 175 people back in line.  By the time my book got signed, it was already 9:30.  I felt bad for the people at the end of the line.  But I really felt bad for Tim, because he looked exhausted.  But he still smiled, and took a picture with every person.  

When he was signing my book, I told him about how me and Rachel watch Project Runway together every week, and then talk about it afterward.  

Then, Tim and I commiserated about how bossy Gretchen was to everyone in the group challenge week.  I was like "yeah! I am doing girl talk with Tim Gunn!'      


Kelsey said...

I should probably admit that I am kind of jealous.

Emily_U said...

Super cool Jeanie, your outfit looks tres fab!

Janet Q said...

That is so cool!