Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why I like being a lawyer

1. Being condescending is part of the job description.

I know I come across as condescending. This is not intentional. Shy, pretty girls come across as stuck up, and it doesn't help that I like being right about things.

No one ever told me I was condescending, until about 6 months ago, though. That happened when I was out looking for apartments with a Realtor, and he told me I was condescending halfway through the appointment. I just mentioned how the apartment building we were looking at reminded me of the time I spent in Vienna. He spent the rest of the appointment hitting on me, so I didn't particularly care what he thought of me.

Everyone expects lawyers to be condescending though, so they don't mind as much when I come across as a snob. Of course, a couple days ago, a boy told me that he LIKES that I am condescending and stuck-up. This is probably because he is that way too.

2. There are rules that say I get to be safe

When I was growing up, and one of my brothers would hit me, and I would run crying to my mother, she would always tell me not to get in fights with my brother. I grew feeling like I had to take care of myself, and that if I wanted to be safe, I had to protect myself. But, in the real world, there are laws to protect you. If someone hurts you, you can sue them for damages, or you can report them to the police, and ask to have them prosecuted.

After my first semester of law school, when I was home for Christmas, I told my brother that I could sue him if he hurt me. He got really mad and tried to throw a chair through the kitchen sliding door. I called the police, and they had a nice little talk with him about taking his medicine and not throwing chairs through doors.

3. I get to help people

When I was in college, I read a story by Kafka, called Vor dem Gezetz. (Before the Law). It is about a man who spends his whole life trying to get into court, but can't because he doesn't know the rules.

Now that I am a lawyer, I can help people navigate the legal system. This makes me feel happy.

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