Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chicago Update

So I've been living in Chicago for several months now. I really love it here. I love the way everyone dresses so fashionably-- well, not so much in downtown (people dress more corporate in downtown)-- but up in the Lincoin Park area, people are super fashionable. I feel like I fit in.

I went shoe shopping last weekend, with Sonny. It was so much fun! I got to try on some really amazing shoes-- Valentino, Manolo Blahnik, Alexander McQueen as well as some of my favorites, like Steve Madden. My favorite shoe I tried on was a pair of Alexander McQueen bootlets-- oh so very adorable. (pictured left) With my jeans over them, they looked like motorcycle boots-- chic motorcyle boots a model would wear when she rode her hot, spiky-haired boyfriend's motorcycle.

Speaking of which, Sonny says that he'll show me his motorcycle someday-- if his parents don't sell it first. It's at his parent's house in Michigan.

While we were shopping-- in the glorious Magnificient Mile shopping district in Chicago-- I found the most wonderful store-- French Connection. It was full of these georgious, french-inspired clothes, that were all chic, and simply divine. I wanted to try on the whole store, but Sonny wouldn't let me. We were shoe shopping, so I only got to try on the shoes. I did find an awsome pair of bootlets in that store. I love shoe shopping.

Chicago isn't always wonderful. A couple weeks ago, my roommate dragged me to a club in south Chicago (where all the gang violence is). It would have been ok, except I forgot my i.d., and the bouncers wouldn't let me in. My roommate went in without me, and I had to figure how to get home on my own. I called a cab, but apparently, cabs don't usually go to that part of town. It took an hour and a half for the cab company to get a cab to me. An hour and a half of me sitting outside some jenky club in the ghetto, while guys shouted at me from cars, and police cars drove by all the time. I wanted to cry.

On the whole, though, Chicago is pretty awesome. I like going to parks, and watching the lake. I like walking by the Sear's Tower everyday. I love the fact that there are pizza parlor everywhere. I love the modern art statues in random little squares hidden among the skyscrapers downtown. I love walking over the river everyday on my way to work.

Mostly, I love the fact that I feel independant, and like I really fit in. Chicago is my kind of town.


Peter M Lambert said...

Yikes! Those are some ugly shoes!

Eliza said...

Those are nice shoes... I like them.

Popok said...

I know what you mean about cruddy parts of town. A few years ago I got lost on my way to meet some friends/colleagues at a pizza joint and ended up deep in the ghetto of Oakland. I saw a fight with a half dozen grown men in the middle of the road before I could find a safe place to turn around.

I'm glad you like Chicago!