Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bonsai emergency

I was lying in my bed, all nice and cosy-- when I suddenly realized that I han't watered my plant in at least a week- and several days ago, I had meant to water the little tree (actually a bush)-- because it had looked very dry. I jumped out of my bed. It is critical not to let your bonsai tree get to dry-- because the roots die-- and I was afraid I had killed my plant. I rushed over to my window. It was bad. The tree was alive, but half the leaves were yellow, and it was wilted. I felt to horrible. I rushed my plant to the bathroom, where I first filled the sink to totally immerse it. The plant started floating away, so I opted to run the faucet over the plant. I hope it survives. It is now back on my window sill. I think I would cry if my bonsai tree died. I know all my friends have predicted that it would-- but I was hoping I had overcome my past plant failures. (out of all the plants I had in college-- only 2 managed to survive (I had over 5) and one of those 2 died within 4 months of moving to lawschool.) I figure before I can upgrade to a pet-- I have to be able to keep a plant alive for several years. My 1 surviving plant from undergrad is about 2 1/2 years old now-- so maybe I can get a pet soon. If I ever live somewhere where I can have a pet.

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