Monday, December 12, 2005


I hate money.

I don't hate money for the usual reasons. From what I gather most people hate money because they don't have enough.

I hate money because I don't understand it.

It just sort of flows at its own pace. I try really hard to figure out how much money I have, and keep an accurate picture in my head of how much I have. But it never works. Sometimes I have WAY more money than I thought I had. Sometimes it feels like no matter how much I get, it just disappears. Like right now. I just got TONS of money, and its all sort of flowed out the window.

I would suspect little elves- but I don't believe in them. I might change my mind.

Why. Why. Why does money have to be so hard. All those little numbers confuse me. And then I feel really stupid when I realize it went away. And I was trying SOOOO hard, too. Sigh.

I feel like throwing up again.

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