Friday, December 23, 2005

Flying Home

Yeah!! Today I get to fly home. I have a final in a couple hours (so not ready) and then this evening I'm flying home. I'm very excited. I'll have no school for three weeks! Yeah!! I plan on doing nothing over Christmas break. Doing nothing includes a lot of family time, shopping and computer games. Ahhh . . . its the life. Plus Yummy food. I'm taking home stuff to make Welsh cakes- which are an awesome sweet pancake with fruit bakes in. They are really yummy. We'll probably make sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies, and frost them. It'll be lots and lots of fun.

And I'll get to cook for other people, all the time! That'll be exciting.

I'm thinking about transferring law schools. Because its so lonely here. I wouldn't transfer until fall semester- but maybe I'll check out law schools in lansing when I'm out there. What do you think- make a comment!!

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Dearest Literary... Genius? said...

Welsh cakes are disgusting. I remember. I can't believe that you'd feed them to people you love more than me!