Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Looming . . .

The due date is looming. Only 6 more days until my paper is due. 6 more days until I can breath a little freer. Is Freer a word? I don't think so. One would think that beinf in law school, I would know these things. One would be wrong. Good vocabulary is not a pre-requisite to getting into law school. Only logical thinking. Besides, I don't think knowing wheter freer is a word has to do with vocabulary- it has to do with grammer, and the construction of superlatives. Of course, one could argue that knowing how to construct superlatives has to do with words, but I beg to differ.

Besides, this way I can appear smarter. Maybe. If that paragraph above made any sense.

Do you know the german word for ditz? It is knockrel- which is also the name for a suffle like dessert. It took weeks of concerted effort to learn this fact. None of my german teachers quite knew what ditz meant- I only discovered the german counterpart when our teacher was trying to explain what knockrel meant. It was a good dessert. Yummy. The Salzburg knockrel. Actually, I don't remember if I actually had some . . . I must be getting forgetful in my old age.

You should try ego-searching yourself. I recommend trying on yahoo and on google. I did this and it was quite enjoyable. Not that I found a lot- but the stuff I found was stuff I had forgotten about (and that is how this seg-way fits onto the previous paragraph.)

Maybe I should explain why I wanted to know the german word for ditz- though if you know me (or read enough of these) it should be self evident.

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Dearest Literary... Genius? said...

"Freer" is a word. "Beinf" is not. :)